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BrysonNow Products

Silicone Sealants

Prevent water damage with silicone sealants (or mastic) by providing an airtight seal in common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, window and door frames and worktop edges. Strong and versatile suitable for use in construction, building and refurb projects as well as DIY jobs.

Our range includes popular Pro Series Multi Use Silicone, Building Silicone, Sanitary Silicone, FR Fire Rated Silicone and Intumescent / Acoustic Silicone Sealant, as well as silicone remover products and silicone skeleton guns for application of silicone. We offer silicone sealants in popular brands such as Soudal, Everbuild and Sika.

Want to know more about silicone sealants? Call us on 020 8660 9119 or email Alternatively to order now on the website, you can register / log in.


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