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Adaptor For SDS Machines Diamond Core System

Adaptor For SDS Machines Diamond Core System

Code 2698


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About this item

SDS Adaptor for Dry Diamond Cores

  • Suitable for brick, plaster, breeze, plastics & composite laminates
  • Gives versatility of core drilling from 25 to 110mm diameter in lightweight SDS machines
  • Speeds of up to 35% faster and with minimal breakthrough not normally associated with core drilling
  • Lightweight, thin wall design, weighing 50% less than traditional core drills, meets less resistance
  • More accurate holes can be drilled faster, and break through minimised by drilling on rotation only mode, in softer materials
  • Innovative self locking mechanism, for securing the pilot drill, eliminates the need for awkward grub screws
  • Unique ball locking operation allows the core body to fix the pilot in place as it screws into the adaptor
  • Suit SDS or 3 jaw chuck machines with correct adaptor

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