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BrysonNow Products

HSS & Wood Bits

Bryson offers a range of drill bits for wood, metal and plastic. All drill bits are available in a variety of types and sizes, allowing you to achieve your desired results quickly and easily.

Wood drill bits need little force to drill through various types of wood. Often with pointed tips to prevent the bit moving and to reduce the risk of the wood splitting. Our range includes single bits or wood drill bit sets.

HSS drill bits, also known as high-speed steel drill bits, are designed for drilling into everyday metals and plastics. HSS bits are often coated to increase longevity, wear resistance and heat resistance, to allow for faster drilling. HSS drill bit sets offer a variety of size options, to accommodate changing needs.

Want to know more about HSS and Wood Bits accessories? Call us on 020 8660 9119 or email Alternatively, to order now on the website, you can register / log in.


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