Construction industry urged to go plastic-free

Major construction companies are starting to push single-use plastic free workforces by handing out reusable water bottles, as well as removing all plastic cups next to water coolers. Subcontractors are being urged to sign-up to cutting plastic waste.

Construction industry urged to go plastic-free

Companies are being urged to commit to sustainability targets and tackling other forms of environmental damage is one aspect of sustainability. With plastic waste in the public eye following Blue Planet II, removing single-use plastics from site by offering sustainable alternatives such as reusable water bottles is a logical step forward.

The government is also weighing up several initiatives to cut use of single-use plastics as public awareness of the issue has increased. In January, the Environmental Audit Committee found that the UK throws away 2.5 billion plastic cups every year.

The country also uses over 3 billion plastic bottles a year, with 40% of those ending up in landfill.

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Posted: 21/09/2018


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