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Selecting the right Fire Extinguisher


When it comes to selecting the correct fire extinguisher there is no single type of extinguisher that’s effective on every kind of fire. Prior to purchasing a fire extinguisher, it’s important to consider the fire risks and what types of fire you may need to deal with. The wrong type of extinguisher could intensify the flames and increase the risk of injury to those fighting the fire.

Bryson Festive Opening Hours 2021


As we approach the festive season, please be sure to read the information below regarding our end of year opening hours.

How do you tell the Cut Level of Safety Gloves?


Cut resistance rating is one of the recent changes in glove safety standards. These ratings have been implemented in standard EN 388:2016. In addition to the coup-test in accordance with EN 388:2003, the new test method in accordance to ISO 13997 has been introduced.

Introducing our new PPE Recycling Scheme


Introducing our new PPE Recycling Scheme where NOTHING goes to landfill, everything is recycled! We can recycle all your PPE such as helmets, safety boots, face masks and hi vis clothing.

Bryson is a GOLD Standard Constructionline Member


Our Construcitonline Gold membership gives you peace of mind that we’re a validated high quality supplier compliant with a number of procurement and ethical standards such as the PSA91 and the Common Assessment Standard. Find out more.

4 Ways to Keep Construction Workers Warm and Safe This Winter


Winter is just around the corner, which is more challenging for construction sites. Freezing temperatures, strong winds and wet conditions increase the risk of accidents, which may cause serious injuries. Workers in cold weather are also exposed to health problems, including hypothermia and frostbite.

3 Fundamental Mistakes to Avoid When Working with Metal Stud Frames


Metal studs have been around for quite some time but builders still encounter some construction issues when using them. These mistakes can occur in both residential and commercial job sites, and it's not because the material is too complex to manage effectively. With a little training and knowledge of the fundamentals, beginners can easily avoid building errors.

We’ve rounded up three of the most overlooked and understated common errors when building with metal studs and the ways to avoid them.

5 Welfare Facilities Every Construction Site Should Have


According to the health and safety executive, every employee, no matter what industry, should have access to basic welfare facilities. Due to the rigorous nature of construction and the exposure to the extremes of the weather, there are additional regulations to protect builders and skilled construction workers.

These facilities are a legal requirement, but are also an important control measure. They protect works against the risks for hazardous substances, including cement, lead or micro-organisms. Rest areas provide shelter, but also time to recharge and rest, reducing the risk of accidents due to impaired decision-making.  

JSP Head Protection: Helmet Advice


Head injuries accounted for 24% of reported fatal injuries in UK workplaces in 2019-20*, highlighting the serious consequences that injuries to the head can have, and emphasising the importance of selecting high quality PPE to combat risks on site.

Fits Like a Glove: The Importance of PPE Gloves in Construction


Construction workers face many potential hazards on jobsites, but hand injuries are among the most common and expensive ones. According to Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) data, the most common site of workplace-related injuries is in the upper limbs.