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Construction Key Health Risks

(Points taken from the health & Safety Executive)

Construction Key Health Risks

• Cancer -

construction has the largest burden of occupational cancer amongst the industrial sectors. It accounts for over 40% of occupational cancer deaths and cancer registrations. It is estimated that past exposures in the construction sector annually cause over 5,000 occupational cancer cases and approximately 3,700 deaths. The most significant cause of these cancers is asbestos (70%) followed by silica (17%) working as a painter and diesel engine exhaust (6-7% each).

How Bryson can help? Working with key safety manufactures to ensure the correct respiratory protection products are brought to the market and tested to the correct standard. Individuals trained to the correct levels to ensure confidence and assurance that large organisations are maintaining there health and safety practices.

Hazardous substances -

dusts, chemicals and potentially harmful mixtures (eg in paints) are common in construction work. Some processes emit dusts, fumes, vapours or gases into the air and these can be significant causes of breathing problems and lung diseases. A number of construction-related occupations also have high rates of dermatitis from skin exposures to hazardous substances.

How Bryson can help? Storage of liquid, flammables and other substances is a key risk to any construction site. Hence the reason Bryson partner with key manufactures of world class storage units which offer the correct protection for all requirements.

Physical health risks -

killed construction and building trades are one of the occupations with the highest estimated prevalence of back injuries and upper limb disorders. Manual handling is the most commonly reported cause of over seven day injuries in the industry. Construction also has one of highest rates of ill health caused by noise and vibration.

How Bryson can help?Manual handling is a continuing challenge in the construction industry and Bryon are proud to work with key manufactures to product the latest innovation that will reduce manual handling and ensure good health is maintained.

Source: HSE

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Posted: 23/04/2019


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