Construction workers given mental health monitors to wear

Construction workers given mental health monitors to wear

The device comes from health tech start-up Moodbeam.

Civils company Human Resources Director said:

Everybody has some anxiety in their life – that’s perfectly normal. It’s when that anxiety becomes overwhelming that it becomes a problem. The beauty of Moodbeam is that it helps people to pinpoint periods of anxiety and times when they are feeling calm or happy. It will help them to put measures in place to manage and control their anxiety, where appropriate with the support of managers or colleagues

Mental health wellbeing is a real challenge within the engineering sector. It can be a very stressful environment and we know that, unfortunately, suicide rates are high in the construction industry. We believe having access to the Moodbeam device will support our people and help them to manage their anxieties.

One of the first staff members to try out the device, said:

I do feel anxious sometimes, so I thought it would be really good to be able to track and analyse why I feel as I do at certain times and identify triggers for those feelings. I think it’s really good that the company is offering this to staff. It makes you realise you’re not on your own, that people are interested in your wellbeing and the company is ready to provide the support you need if you’re struggling.

Source: Construction Enquirer

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Posted: 15/08/2019


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