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COVID Secure Site Operating Procedure - CLC Update 

Covid Site Signs

The Construction Leadership Council have recently updated their Site Operating Procedure to reflect the latest government guidance on the COVID-19 pandemic. The update includes further information on:-

  • Social distancing within working environments
  • The use of Face Coverings 
  • When to go to work 
  • Updated guidance on shielding, self-isolation & testing
  •  What to do if a worker develops  COVID-19 symptoms or has to self-isolate
  • Confirmation that canteens serving food must display an NHS QR Code

The local COVID alert system doesn’t limit construction activities, however, additional local authority restrictions must be complied with.

Governmental advice states those that can work from home should. The CLC advises “those who cannot work from home, which includes workers in construction, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, should go to work.” 

All open workplaces should be COVID Secure. Find out how to protect your workforce by making your workplace COVID Secure by the Health and Safety Executive.

To be COVID Secure each workplace should manage the risk by completing a risk assessment and implementing secure working practices. 

While the CLC clearly looks to reduce the risks of coronavirus within the workplace. They also suggest raising awareness within “the workforce of the importance of social distancing outside of work, in order to protect themselves and others and help keep construction sites open.”

Entrance to workplaces

The latest version of the SOP highlights that visits from all non-essential visitors should stop, along with a number of practices to reduce the points of contact between employees. 

By law from the 28th September, e
mployers must not require someone who is being required to self-isolate to come to work. The latest advice, also advises turning away people with symptoms of a covid-19 infection, be that a member of staff (or someone in their household) or a visitor, who has a temperature, persistent cough or has lost their sense of smell and taste. They should be isolating. 

A quick and easy way to ensure a regular temperature of your employees is to do regular temperature checks when entering a workplace or construction site. A non-contact facial temperature screening device is simple to use and understand, making it clear to employees and employers alike when a member of the team or visitor should stay at home.  

For test and trace purposes, a record of all visitors, staff, customers and contractors must be kept for 21 days. From 18 September, this can be enforced in law.

Site Signage

Government advice for outdoor work including construction work is to ensure everyone is working safely and complying to social distancing rules to reduce the spread of the virus. They advise clear coronavirus signs to provide as a reminder to all employees. 

COVID Signs can take the form of handwashing signs, 2m social distance signs or even wear your face covering signs. Keeping the workforce informed of any changes can be managed with a Coronavirus sign or notice board that can be frequently updated.

Rest Areas & Canteens

If a canteen serves food, then an NHS test and trace QR code must be displayed and face coverings should be worn. Once seated at a table & eating or drinking may the face-covering be removed. Find out how to create your QR code

The CLC offers significant guidance around break facilities, including the staggering of breaks, frequent thorough cleaning routines to facility requirements.

Handwashing facilities on-site are required to be separate from food preparation areas. For more flexible and COVID secure handwashing facilities, outdoor portable hand washing stations can be created across construction sites to ensure frequent thorough handwashing.

Read the latest SOP

Find the most up-to-date COVID guidance in the Construction Leadership Council’s latest Site Operating Procedure.

Find face coverings, portable hand washing facilities and COIVD signs at Bryson. 

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Posted: 29/10/2020


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