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Ensure you choose the right Recip Saw Blades

Reciprocating Saw Blades can cut just about anything, therefore its important to choose the right Recip Saw Blades depending on what material you’re cutting, to ensure a cleaner cut and most effective cutting results. Our range of Bryson Recip Blades have you covered.

Recip Blades

Knowing which Reciprocating Saw Blades to use:

HCS (High Carbon Steel)

The softest blades and tend to be more flexible allowing bending without breaking. Suited for cutting softer material like softwood, fibreboards and plastic.


BIM (Bi-Metal)

These are high-carbon steel for flexibility and break-resistance, and high-speed steel teeth for heat-resistance, hardness, and durability. Suited for especially hard materials such as nails, sheet metal and wood cutting. These blades are made of extremely hard steel and maintain an edge for longer.


TPI (Teeth per inch)

Recip blades range from 3 to 24 TPI with each count affecting the cut speed and cleanness of cut. Choosing an aggressive tooth count versus a high tooth count makes the difference depending on what material you’re cutting through. Low TPI Recip Saw Blades make a faster cut but a rougher cut. High TPI blades are a slower cut but leave a smoother, cleaner cut.

For wood

Recip for wood

For wood with nails

For wood with nails

For metal

For metal

Width & Shape

Wider blades are more stable and bend less, therefore provide a straighter cut. Less width mean more flexibility in the blade and suited to finer cutting. Sloping shaped blades are suited for plunge cutting. Straight blades are suited for edge cutting. Recip blades with a sloped or notched tip are suitable to multi-use.


Posted: 21/02/2020


Bryson PR

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