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Reducing Bryson's environmental impact and carbon footprint

Our main goal is to be Carbon Neutral by 2022 and minimising waste through prevention, re-use, recycling, and safe disposal. We review our environmental objectives annually and track our environmental data on a yearly basis.

Co2e Sustainability

We have partnered with industry leading carbon footprint assessment consultants to conduct our carbon footprint assessment in line with industry best practices/standards such as the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol and ISO14064-1.

Our goal is to be Carbon Neutral by 2022 on scope 1 & 2 emissions, and we are working towards our long term goal of being Net Zero by 2030.

Creating Order Efficiencies to Reduce Emissions

We work with all our customers to improve on order efficiencies, by encouraging them to consolidate their orders where possible, to reduce the number of small orders.

Any orders less than £25 in value incur a ‘Small Order Eco Charge’ in a bid to eliminate multiple small deliveries that increase delivery miles and increase CO2 emissions.

The ‘Small Order Eco Charge’ collected throughout the year is used towards our carbon offsetting initiatives, such as planting trees or investing into renewable energies.

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Optimising our Bryson Delivery Fleet

Our Bryson delivery fleet are Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver accredited and have been so for 4 years. This means we’re operating our fleet safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sound manner.

We have also upgraded the fleet to the most environmentally friendly vehicles available.

Our fleet is fully ULEZ compliant which means our vehicles meet the requirements on air polluting nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) from engines.

In addition, all our delivery drivers are all LoCITY trained and CPD accredited and we operate a cutting-edge, industry-leading route planning tool called Maxoptra that uses technology and algorithms to maximise our delivery routes through pe-planning while reducing fuel consumption and miles travelled.

We have already cut our CO2 usage by 30% per km per vehicle in 2021 compared to the previous year.

Looking forward, we’re currently reviewing our plans for an electric Bryson fleet.
By Q2 2022 we will have 2 electric vans on our same day delivery routes. This small change will reduce our CO2 emissions by 16.97 tonnes of CO2 a year!

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Our fleet is fully ULEZ compliant which means our vehicles meet the requirements on air polluting nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) from engines. Looking forward, we’re currently reviewing our plans for an electric Bryson fleet.

Waste Management & Recycling

We have partnered with a leading waste management company ACM for a number of years on their Greener Path Programme - a unique, holistic and totally sustainable waste management strategy. We have achieved Zero Waste to Landfill every year, meaning a diversion of up to 100% of waste from landfill via efficient recycling and energy recovery.

By diverting waste to landfill and recycling any cardboard and plastic waste we have saved over 70 tonnes of carbon over the last 5 years.

Greener Path Sustainability

We have made changes to the way we package our orders for delivery.

In 2019 we adopted a plastic reduction policy on all internal packaging by replacing bubble wrap with shredded cardboard boxes where possible. The cardboard predominantly comes from goods received from our manufacturers and suppliers that would otherwise go to recycling.
As a result we have reduced the amount of bubble wrap plastic used by 80%. That’s the equivalent of 22 football field lengths of plastic removed every year!

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PPE Recycling

Bryson are one of the only companies in the construction industry to offer proper recycling of PPE (soft PPE and hard PPE). We have partnered with a leading specialist in the destruction and recycling of all PPE used on construction sites to provide a circular economy for used PPE where everything is re-used, recycled and responsibly destroyed - and the best part is NOTHING goes to landfill!

We use the only UK based textile recycling company that mechanically strip and individualise textile fibres, which means all your textile PPE such as hi vis clothing, workwear, face masks and gloves are recycled responsibly and re-used in textile production or other non-textile production as top priority.

All plastic, polymer and metal PPE such as helmets, safety specs, safety boots and ear defenders are also recycled and stripped down for re-use in tier 2 production or tier 3 energy creation.

PPE Recycling Lifecycle

PPE Teir recycling

An average PPE recycling breakdown: 20% goes into Tier 1, 60% goes into Tier 2, and 20% into Tier 3.

That means 80% of PPE is recycled and formed into other products!

Waste Management working with Social Enterprises

Saving Resources Changing Lives

We have partnered with well established social enterprise schemes to help eliminate waste, re-use and recycle, whilst helping communities across the UK.

The Community Wood Recycling project is one such scheme.

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